Shaping Men
for Life

The Quarry® Program is a global male empowerment initiative of Congress WBN (C-WBN) that focuses on the development, training and empowerment of men to fulfill the key roles that they are expected to play in the support and strengthening of families and family life.


C-WBN has been in operation for the past 23 years and its focus on developing men has been present from the very beginning. In 2001 the concept of The Quarry® was created to institutionalize C-WBN's ongoing work with men. Since 2007 Quarry Seminars have been held all across Congress WBN's global network which spans over 90 nations on every continent.

Why A Quarry?

A quarry is a place where stone is taken from its natural state and refined into a resource that is useful for building vital structures in the wider society. The Quarry® Program is structured to perform a similar function to that of a natural quarry by introducing men to a comprehensive program for holistic shaping and character development. The Quarry® Program is designed to be a place of self-confrontation and character & identity definition through the clarification of the roles and purpose of men in family and wider society.

What is Manhood?

Manhood is a quality of character that emerges from the sustained application of the highest standards and values to the lives of men producing moral clarity, personal integrity, responsibility and nobility.